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Want / need more RAM in your NUC

Posted by Sales OEM on

The 5th Generation NUC powered Abel M2, M2R, B2 and B27 rugged fan-less PCs can now be supplied with not up to 16GB but 32GB of RAM (2x 16GB modules).  These are not ordinary SO-DIMMs, but specially populated devices, using patented 'stacked' wafers.

The modules are those supplied by Intelligent Memory Modules 

For further reading:

PC World - 32GB in your NUC

CMTL Test Report - confirming support for 32GB in 5th Gen' NUCs

If your application requires 32GB of RAM, in any of Tranquil's Abel platforms (with 5th Generation NUC boards) - and you would like to discuss those requirements - please contact us. 

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