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Abel H2 NUC - 1080 video

Check out the Abel H2 (black) in glorious 1080P video

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Abel H2 PC saves 13,000 Euros as a Film Camera Recorder.

The Abel H2 Mini PC along with 'FeelWorld' Film cameraI am involved in a low budget / self financed feature film production. The project started with the necessity of recording signal / input from a camera called SI2K, which is a low voltage IP camera delivering cinema grade output, having a sensor size which can [...]

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The Abel H2 PC - see it from your point of view

The Abel H2 - use your mouse (or finger on mobile device) to spin left to right - up and down.

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V Server 3D

Look at, spin and zoom in on the V1 server. Check it out

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V Server - takes a step closer production

The V server (5x PCs per 'blade') has took a step closer to production this week, as the rack cabinets are completedAlthough the servers generally will be finished in black, our design team think that they should be available in colours too!What do you think? For more info - please drop a line to our oem [...]

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V Series Servers - Quintuple PC blade

Tranquil OEM team start completion of a new series of 'blade' styled units.  Conceived originally, by Tranquil in 2005, the 'low power multiple PCs' on a single 'blade' has been waiting in the background.  Now with the huge recent steps forward in lower power CPUs, and smaller main boards, the concept is reality.After the recent [...]

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PC Pro - Hot Hardware of the Week

PC Pro Podcast - 'Hot Hardware of the Week' the Abel H2-5 PC

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PC Pro Award 'Recommended' for the Abel H2-5 PC

12th February 2014 - PC Pro complete their review of the Abel H2-5 PC, and give it a glowing review 5/6, with 6/6 for features and design.Opening the review, they said " Tranquil PC has produced many eye-catching PCs in the past, but its latest creation – the Abel H2-5 – has to be the most [...]

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Abel H2 PC chassis now available (February 10th)

We listened, we respondedThe Tranquil Abel H2 is now available as a chassis kit. Available Immediately Shipping costs reduced for USA, Russia, UK and most of EU Same excessive quality and engineering as the Abel H2 systems Same optimal cooling - with dedicated mSATA coolingCheck it outhttp://www.tranquilpcshop.co.uk/abel-h2-chassis/

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Abel H2 PC chassis manufacturing given a boost!

February 2014Major investment is completed and 100's hours of advanced CNC programming checked out - as the Abel H2 PC system sales exceed all forecasts. As a consequence the Abel H2 chassis is now manufactured, fully automatically at 8x pcs per batch (was 1x). The increased output also will enable the chassis to [...]

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