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ZDNET have their say, on the Orange Box...

When Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, the parent company of Ubuntu Linux, made his keynote speech at OpenStack Summit in Atlanta, he announced many new Ubuntu OpenStack cloud and Juju DevOps initiatives.Here's what he didn't expect: The announcement that really grabbed the OpenStack crowd's attention was Canonical's cloud-in-a-box — Ubuntu Orange Box.read more here: http://www.zdnet.com/canonicals-cloud-in-a-box-the...

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Look around the inside of the Orange Box

Have you ever wondered how a micro cluster  may look inside?  Take a look at the amazing 'Ubuntu Orange Box' with no shell.  You can use your mouse to rotate / tilit and zoom (scroll wheel).  Hit the play button to start Whilst the logo is spinning you can still use the model, but once it [...]

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The Orange Box, and Mark Shuttleworth - OpenStack - Atlanta

To see the Orange Box, on show, please skip to around 13 minutes - or enjoy Mark's Keynote from the beginning

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The Orange Box - spotted in Atlanta

The Orange Box - seen for the first time in the wildCanonical sales engineer, Ameet Paranjape,demonstrating OpenStack on the Orange Box in the Ubuntu boothat the OpenStack Design Summit in Atlanta, GAImage courtesy of http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/

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Ubuntu - The Orange Box

At the end of November 2013, Ubuntu / Canonical contacted Tranquil PC to commission the design and manufacture of what would become known as 'The Orange Box'.  Today, 13th May 2014, Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth launches the product to the world at OpenStack (Atlanta).  The Orange Box is an innovative, custom designed micro cluster chassis, envisioned [...]

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Another CNC mill is delivered (April 2014)

Tranquil recently added a further 'pair' of high speed CNC milling machines to keep up with demand for custom Abel H2 OEM products. With the benefit of 4th axis machining, operation (op) 1 now processes three surfaces (front, back and deep pocket) in a single operation - there are actually 8 PCs being [...]

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One of the most beautiful...

The latest version of the iPad tablet enclosure has to be one of the most beautiful things that has come out of the Tranquil factory.  It's a true extension of the iPad itself.This version is equipped with a card reader for POS payments.

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The new HPC (High Performance Computing) unit is completed and shipped

The 'V Server' as known in it's project phase has been completed and shipped (the first application is for use as a 'head end' for real time transcoding of IPTV streams, it will handle 100 streams)Originally Tranquil HPC products were intended for cluster based, scalable and network managed load sharing, the deployment into high demand [...]

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Advanced Manufacturing in Manchester

"More and more companies are experiencing big increases in productivity without having to invest in new machine tools, simply by upgrading to work-holding systems that allow more components to be presented to the spindle at each set-up. A good example is at Tranquil PC in Trafford Park, Manchester, which designs and produces low-energy information-technology systems."To learn [...]

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Complex 3D milling

Here we see a complex part of the V server (blade cluster PC).It's quite small (4U high) and forms the back of one of the PC bladesIt's one of the most complex milling items designed to date                          Can you guess what it is?

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