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The MSC3M is ready

Our Xeon class, rugged, flight ready cluster is ready.Housing 10x Xeon class CPUs, 320GB ECC RAM, and up to 20TB SSD - all coupled together via dual (link aggregated) GBE LAN, the MSC3M is a true work horse. A single power point is all you need to run this portable data centre.  Should you need to [...]

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Tranquil AIO-215

The latest AIO (All in One) from Tranquil will soon be available for sale - we hope to see it listed before the end of January 2015.  Following on from the AIO-214, the AIO-215 series is thinner, lighter and equipped with a new series of motherboards.The single monocoque chassis, which starts life as a 26Kg [...]

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Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack - build your own private cloud in minutes

Canonical today announces the availability of the Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack , which fully automates the creation of a reference OpenStack cloud from bare metal, building a fully managed private cloud in minutes. Read more...Time to consider building your own private cloud - for development / private operation? The Orange or Black boxes are ideal starter units [...]

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MSC3 (Micro Cluster) Blades

The MSC3 story continues...The 'blades' used in the MSC3 system provide easy (user) configuration / expansion / replacement of CPU/RAM/HDD(2)sEach blade can be removed simply by unscrewing the two clamp screws (as seen in the image below, to the far right and left).The picture also shows the general connectivity to the blade from the pre-installed [...]

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Abel M2 Systems due early 2015

The monocoque Abel M2 series of PCs / Chassis will be available in line with the pending launch Intel's launch of the Broadwell NUCs.  Update (1st April 2015), the M2 has been released.  The images below are of the pending M27 (reserved for the 28W i7 version of the M2).The chassis / systems will be released [...]

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MSC3 (Micro Server Cluster) - reality

Tranquil rarely design / manufacture products with fans.  But in the case of one of our latest products, the MSC3, we used four of them!  But the fan is only a component of a highly optimised and finely engineered and tuned systemIf you're interested in precision engineering, HPC Computing, or are just a techno nerd [...]

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The Tranquil MonoOne

Tranquil, well known for design and manufacture of fan less monocoque PC systems, are pleased to announce the pending arrival of the MonoOne.  Many users today are enjoying All In One systems or AIOs.  These single bodied PCs are neat, use less desk space and when used with wireless keyboard / mice etc ensure a [...]

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Tranquil V Server Installation (in EU)

The high density Tranquil 'V Server' is seen here, carrying out real time video transcoding (100x video HD video channels)

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The Tranquil MSC3 Project (1)

How would you like to see the progess of a new micro super computer (cluster)?Over the next few weeks Tranquil are completing a new concept, the MSC3 - a portable (rack mount option) micro super computer (MSC) - see the spec'ns below !10x Xeon E3 CPUs320GB RAM4.8TB Solid State Storage (very fast)We'll post more as [...]

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The Ubuntu Orange Box - arrives to UK

Openstack, London, 4th June 2014.Mark Shuttleworth shows the Ubuntu Orange Box, for the first time in the UKFor more images - check our FlickrTo learn more about the Ubuntu Orange Box - check out this page

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