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Proud to be working with Prime Computer

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We are very pleased to announce the retail sale of monocoque miniature PCs will now fall under the Prime Computer brand. Prime Computer, of Switzerland, have an excellent eye for detail and customer care, this combined with the world recognised quality of the UK designed and manufactured Tranquil PC monocoque systems led to an agreement to promote a co-operation.  The agreement between the two companies to partner together was formally concluded on 1st September 2015.


(Pictured above the PrimeMini Pro, in satin black)

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How small 'could' PCs get?

What a brilliant surprise designed and manufactured by Tranquil PC's Operations Director - Phillip Thompson for his dad on fathers day 2015 - a really small (1:5 scale) Abel M2 micro PC!  The unit was later finished and anodised in black by Phil's brother Matt. The result is what may be the smallest PC case in [...]

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Quality can't be rushed - the B2S

Fine attention to detail in design / manufacture and finishing just can't be rushed at Tranquil PC.The repeatable tolerance on our craftsman manufactured case work is 0.003mm - yes, 3 thousandths of 1mm - and that's important when building and supplying the worlds finest PC systemsTake a look at some close ups of a recent [...]

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Want / need more RAM in your NUC

The 5th Generation NUC powered Abel M2, M2R, B2 and B27 rugged fan-less PCs can now be supplied with not up to 16GB but 32GB of RAM (2x 16GB modules).  These are not ordinary SO-DIMMs, but specially populated devices, using patented 'stacked' wafers.The modules are those supplied by Intelligent Memory Modules For further reading:PC World - [...]

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New Stealthy Fan less AIO PCs, coming soon

The Stealthy AIO215 from Tranquil will be launched Easter 2015.The solid black aluminium monocoque (unibody) PCs make quite a statement, but no noise!Can beauty be rugged?Watch this space

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Wall Street Journal - The Orange Box Video

Thanks to Mark Baker for the neat and tidy explanation to the Ubuntu Orange Box, a "data centre that fits in a suitcase"! Watch the video in full now

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Mobile Congress World (Barcelona) 2015

The co-designed Orange Box is again on public view in Spain this week.If you're visiting Mobile Congress World in Barcelona this week, why not visit Ubuntu, and check out the UK designed and manufactured Orange Boxes?  Ubuntu - exhibit hall 8.1, booth F41.

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A short series - the design and creation of a rugged Xeon class server #2

#2CAD, or Computer Aided Design, has come along way since it was first introduced in the late 1960's. At Tranquil PC we use the very latest 3D CAD software to 'design' and 'build' our products in a virtual world. The software we use is SolidEdge ST7 software from Siemens. It is very advanced and used by some [...]

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A short series - the design and creation of a rugged Xeon class server #1

The Xeon Cluster Concept #1 – the MSC3MHere we want to share a short series of stories, as the Tranquil R&D team conceive, design, test and build one of the world's first rugged, transportable micro clusters, based on Intel Xeon Core processors – what would become the MSC3M.Our first micro cluster, the Orange Box was developed with the founder of [...]

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MSC3M in colour

The MSC3M (Xeon class Cluster)  is available in a choice of colours:

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