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Tranquil PC, a UK based family company,  was formed in the early part of 2003, by Managing Director, David Thompson.  David is a passionate designer and entrepreneur, who has always committed his time and invested his skills into developing innovative products and building business to supply new markets. He started his first business at 16 years of age and went on to win the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise in 1982.  Tranquil PC is now a world leader in the field of low energy IT systems. The move to brand new premises in 2007, and the appointment of new technical / sales staff has broadened the range of products and services offered.


The company was initially formed to research into the possibility of creating ultra reliable IT systems for industrial use.  PCs were and still are being used not only for desktop / server use, but also for industrial and embedded purposes.  Almost every PC uses at least one fan to cool down the electronic parts.  Unless the equipment is used in a 'clean room' environment, the internal systems, heat sinks and fans will clog up with dust and debris.  The ultimate result of this is overheating and fan failure - generally leading to system failure.


Cooling CPUs and chipsets without fans is not low cost or easy.  In the early days Tranquil PC used low power parts from VIA.  The downside of this often meant that low power parts equated to low performance.  In 2007 Intel launched the Atom CPU which changed the IT world.  Now you could have better performance, without generating too much heat.  In 2010 the launch of Intel's i3 / i5 CPUs and low power chipsets saw the margin between performance and power consumption narrow further still.  In 2011 the launch of the Intel Sandy Bridge chipset and supporting '2nd Generation Intel CPUs' saw the margin close - now everyone can enjoy low power consumption systems along with very high performance computing. 

With Tranquil PCs design resources and fan less CPU cooling technologies, the advent of the Intel Sandy Bridge platform enabled the company to offer, for the first time, affordable, high performance, reliable, silent systems.


A consequence of low power computing was lower power consumption.  It was in 2004 that Tranquil PC started what is now known as 'Green Computing'.  Not only did Tranquil PC promote 'low power consumption' but also pioneered discussions and encouraged the industry to look into matters such as materials supply chain, transport methods, recyclability, carbon offsets etc.  
Since 2004, Tranquil PC have ensured that it's products are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind.  Not only to use minimal levels of power in use, but also to have minimal effects on our environment at all stages of use.


Of course 'fan less' computers have other benefits, other than just being much more reliable, and offering longer service life spans.  Many of our customers have used our products mainly because they are 'quiet' and in many applications 'totally silent'.  These customers are often in specialised markets ie audio recording/broadcast, medical, telecommunications, retail etc.  But perhaps the most popular reason for buying a 'fan less' quiet system is in the home.  Whether the use is for a specialised 'media centre' to sit under the TV and deliver all manner of entertainment - a 'Home Server' to centralise your work and media files, and backup PCs etc - SOHO Office PC, where the small, quiet designer systems are not out of place.

Many business owners / managers looking to reduce PC noise (background hum) in the office, or introduce a better working environment for staff (some studies even suggest that the aire circulated by PC fans can even be bad for your health), have all enjoyed the immediate benefit of using Tranquil PC systems - and ultimately the very substantial savings made from reduced running costs, and longer service life.


The future success of the company is based on the triumph of its unique products, the development of its business partners and dedication of our staff.  Tranquil PC has a very loyal customer base, and most of our B2B customers are still with us since the early days.  The small 'family' business has made it's mark in the IT world, and we would like to thank our customers for taking us there.


We have been asked by many of our customers if we ship products outside of UK, ie to EU or USA etc.  We're pleased the answer is 'YES'.
  • If you place an order, from outside of UK, you will always get a suitable power cord to match your countries power socket.

Tax rules:

  • If you place an order, from outside the EU, there is no VAT (TAX) to pay.
  • If you place an order, from outside the UK but within the EU, and you are a VAT registered business, you will not pay VAT
  • If you place an order, from outside the UK but within the EU, and you are a not VAT registered business, you will pay VAT



A note from Tranquil PC's founder 

"I am committed to ensuring the success of Tranquil PC, and supporting all that wish to join Tranquil PC in our ventures.  The market is now seeking 'new solutions' and 'alternative technologies' to address today's IT problems.  We have those solutions and technologies. "

D J Thompson


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